Detroit Tigers: Ryan Kreidler is going to benefit from 2022 setup

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The Detroit Tigers may not be taking the field for quite some time. With the lockout and the two sides not speaking to one another, it means that it is going to be a while before things get figured out and the work stoppage comes to an end.

There are not many times that this lockout can be viewed as a benefit. When it comes to Detroit Tigers prospect shortstop Ryan Kreidler, there may actually be a way for him to embrace the lockout. Though it may not affect his ability to get on the field, there are some effects that reach him.

The way things stand, Kreidler is the best shortstop prospect who is most readily available to make it to the big leagues. It’s not to say that he will be the next top-tier prospect, but he is someone who has value for the Tigers organization.

Kreidler made his Triple-A debut in 2021 and got off to a hot start very early on with the Toledo Mud Hens. Since the Mud Hens will still play in 2022, it is an excellent thing for Kreidler to be able to get back on the field, and the lockout may help him, as was mentioned above.

Detroit Tigers Ryan Kreidler gets to make strides in 2022.

With the Tigers picking up Javier Báez in free agency this offseason, there’s not as much room for Kreidler to make the jump to the big leagues if he continues to hit well in Triple-A. He’s toolsy, and the hit tools are there and exciting for fans, so this chance to keep developing is going to help.

The reason this work stoppage may benefit Kreidler is that the MLB team is not playing, and a strong start from Kreidler may earn himself a spot to be called up. He may be a shortstop by trade but could also find himself getting at-bats at third base or second base if the roster allows it.

It’s harder to see him making a debut, but without the Tigers on the field, a scorching start with Toledo might change things when the Tigers do pick things up down the line. (Of course, that’s optimism that the Tigers will play baseball in 2022.)

Kreidler might be able to do it too. He played 41 games with the Mud Hens in 2021, where he slashed .304/.407/.519 with seven home runs and 22 RBI overall. In total, he logged 129 games played between Double-A and Triple-A.

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He slashed .270/.349/.454 with 22 home runs and 58 RBI. There’s plenty to like with Kreidler, and a hot start in 2022 with the Mud Hens could really put him on watch to earn a promotion.