Miguel Cabrera’s 3,000th hit is early boost for Detroit Tigers season

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The Detroit Tigers season is off and running. While the team’s 6-9 record early on is not indicative of the feelings, there are positives. There are plenty of things that could change or be better, but the focus right now should be on highlighting the things that have brought positive to the team.

Right now, Detroit Tigers veteran Miguel Cabrera has been in a better spirit than he has in years. Even better than 2021, when he seemed to turn a new leaf in his career. The future MLB Hall of Famer collected his 3,000th career MLB hit, which was anticipated but still a historic accomplishment.

I have noticed the amount of celebrating Cabrera and his career there has been since his milestone; it’s deserving and more than warranted. As Detroit Jock City Co-Site Expert Bob Heyrman knows I have not always been the largest fan of Cabrera, explanations for another time, but his hitting ability has been something I do enjoy watching; it’s so pure.

Looking at his 3,000th hit itself, it was a work of art. Not because it was the 3,000th hit in his career but also because he was able to take an inner-third fastball and poke it the other way for an opposite-field single. It’s a great piece of hitting, very Miggy-esque. Don’t believe me? Watch it again and focus on his swing and what he does with the pitch. It’s nothing but talent.

But that’s not my point about this. The celebration of Cabrera is warranted, but the Tigers need to be smart and utilize this boost of morale and energy the right way. As the 2022 season continues, rolling his boost into momentum is something that has to be done.

Miguel Cabrera’s 3,000th hit should be used as momentum for the Detroit Tigers.

While the Tigers went out and dropped the series to the Colorado Rockies after Cabrera’s 3,000th hit was recorded, there’s still a chance. Being able to roll this achievement into momentum will only help the Tigers move forward.

Cabrera is deserving of all this attention, celebration, and congratulations, but there’s more to it. The Tigers are getting their fanbase back; they are becoming invested and becoming locked in on Tigers baseball once again.

The team needs to roll with this and continue to build momentum to turn things around on the field in areas that they are lacking. As I mentioned very early on, there are things the Tigers need to work on, but being able to roll this early boost into some momentum is only going to help.

All this talk about using this event as momentum is excellent, but how to do it is another question. The answer starts with Cabrera. If the veteran can use all of this support and good morale coming from around him to pour back into the team, it will only help.

It’s not to say this team’s morale is shot or in the dumps, but keeping it on the right side of things is essential. Cabrera has been much better about being that mentoring veteran for the young guys, and this is exactly what he needs to do.

It is using all of this positive morale to try and get other guys bought in, invested, and teaching them by showing them the ways of the big leagues. It sounds and seems like that’s what Cabrera is going to do.

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This is an incredible milestone for Cabrera, and there’s plenty he can do to turn this into momentum for the team.