Detroit Red Wings: Jakub Vrána’s scoring touch continues to be intriguing

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The Detroit Red Wings acquired forward Jakub Vrána during the shortened 2020-21 season and have not looked back since. Vrána started his scoring tear with the Red Wings early on in his tenure and has not looked back since.

The issue with that statement is that Vrána has not been on the ice all that much because of injuries. The Detroit Red Wings have lost out on an entire season of Vrána in 2021-22, and now the attention turns to the 2022-23 season.

But, Vrána was still able to salvage the 2021-22 season since making his return to the ice. It’s been an exceptional return for the winger who picked up right where he left off. It’s intriguing and makes you wonder what he could do if he stays healthy.

The shoulder injury that kept him out for over five months was a tough blow, but Vrána handled it well, taking time to go on the road with the team to work on some team bonding and stay in touch with the group. After plenty of hard work, he was able to make his return.

Detroit Red Wings forward Jakub Vrána’s scoring touch is intriguing.

In Vrána’s first stint with the Red Wings after being acquired, he went on a tear. He tallied eight goals and three assists for 11 total points over 11 games. It was quite the welcoming tour for Vrána to pull that off in his new home.

It led to plenty of intrigue about what the 2021-22 season would be like. There was thought that he would be able to become a breakout player who turns a lot of heads for the Red Wings organization.

His injury kept him off the ice for a long time, but that did not stop Vrána from logging 25 games for the Red Wings. Upon his return from the shoulder injury, there was some speculation about him being able to keep scoring like he did, especially coming back from an injury.

His 13 goals and five assists for 19 total points in his second stint with the Red Wings prove that he’s still able to get the job done. Once again, leaving fans to be intrigued about what the future holds.

That being said, let’s all cross our fingers now that Vrána will get his chance in 2022-23. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and show the Red Wings what he can genuinely do over an entire season. There has to be some real excitement about a full-season sample size of Vrána’s performance.

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The scoring in his first two stints with the Red Wings in the last two years really intrigues me to what Vrána will do in 2022-23.