Greg Mattison Still Blaming Rich Rodriguez For Michigan Wolverines Football Woes


Nov 2, 2013; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke (left) and defensive coordinator Greg Mattison (right) during the first quarter against the Michigan State Spartans at Spartan Stadium. The Spartans beat the Wolverines 29-6. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines fall football camp has begun with some extra pressure this season following a 7 win campaign in 2013.  Head coach Brady Hoke is entering his fourth season will try to change the trend of declining numbers of last couple of seasons. Hoke’s record is the main reason for the pressure on the program but despite the lack of success last season Hoke still has his share of defenders.

Last week Athletic Director accused bloggers of falsely manufacturing controversy.  This week Michigan Defensive coordinator Greg Mattison took up the fight.

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When asked about his boss, Mattison defended his head coach citing his graduation record and leadership through the transition from Rich Rodriguez era.

"“The job that he does and the job that he’s done since the day he got here, has been unbelievable,” Mattison said with a sweaty upper lip. “Me personally, there is no way I would have come here if it wasn’t for Brady Hoke. You have to sit and see it,” Mattison said. “What’s happened here, with the guys that we’ve had, what’s happened in three years, to me, has been phenomenal. OK?”“His consistency, his staying to the game plan, his demanding that everybody in this program play Michigan football, his graduating of 69 out of 69 seniors — that’s unheard of,” Mattison responded."

Actually the strategy of sticking to a game plan and winning consistently has been heard of  before at schools like Alabama, Oregon, Michigan State and Ohio State. As far as the graduation rate Greg Mattison might be forgetting about one very notable senior from 2013 by the name of Brendan Gibbons.

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Many other successful major college football programs can boast outstanding graduation rates.  Although they should be, fans and boosters aren’t really concerned about graduation rates. They want wins and they want them now.

To be fair the system installed by Brady Hoke was a night and day difference from that of Rich Rodriguez but as Mattison points out that was three years ago. In year four it will be difficult to blame Rodriguez if the Wolverines turn in another 7 win season.

The phrase what have you done for me lately comes to mind.

Greg Mattison knows the teams recent track record and he knows there are doubters out there.

"“So we’ll find out,” he said, propping his chin up. “We’ll find out. All I’ll say is, just watch. Watch and see.”"

Ok coach we will watch and see. Hopefully what we will see is an improvement from the team that got smoked in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl last season.

Let us know what you think! What does Michigan need to do for you to consider 2014 a successful season?