Detroit Lions expectations are higher with Suh gone


Listen, I’m sick and tired of the Detroit Lions mantra, “We’ll get him next year guys” as far as I’m concerned there is no next year for Mayhew and Lewand.

The only way we can disband that theory, It’s very simple, Make playoffs and win a playoff game I think the fans deserve it and I think the people who cover the team deserve it.

The Detroit Free Press reported today Suh came to the Lions LAST SUMMER and said “Make me the highest paid defensive player” and the Lions opted to table contract talks, so yes blame is on Mayhew and it’s not that Suh left it’s the way in which it happened.

As soon as Suh and Lions broke off contract talks, I told you guys “Suh is gone” you called me names, said I’m an “idiot” and off we went.

Listen I’m not saying the Lions had to get some big name guys in here, but Mayhew and Lewand better hit the jackpot this off-season because as I see this team right now, 8 wins at the most. Schedule is brutal, defense won’t be as good against the run and when your playing RB’s like Charles, Lynch and Adrian Peterson the margin for error in the NFL is so small.

Lions have had A LOT of holes, Guard, Tackle, Defensive tackle, Nickel CB and Running back — OH AND Jed Collins is gone you need a Fullback too.

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Next year is a proving year for the Lions, If they’re as good as you think they make the playoffs and win a game. If they don’t they aren’t good. Stafford must be better, the offensive line MUST be better, Eric Ebron needs to show up, Kyle Van Noy needs to be an impact, Lombardi can’t be conservative and Mayhew has to nail every move this offseason.

There’s no future with Mayhew as far as I’m concerned. He has to earn that extra year.

I tell people all the time, because I’m always speaking to other writers for different teams and fans and they ask me what is a Lions fan like, and I tend to tell them it’s the toughest team to root for in pro sports they haven’t won anything special, but the fans of Detroit deserve a winning football team. I kid you not, my first year I got to cover the Lions as a Media person at Training Camp there were THOUSANDS of people there for a Practice.

If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is.

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The Lions expectations have been raised and not by the Lions themselves, but it should be the fans. What it comes down too, is Martin Mayhew has no one from the 2010 and 2011 drafts, and yes he’s retained players in the league average rate just behind division rival, Green Bay however he’s had enough time and he has to clean up the mess that he started.

I understand Suh was paid and unbelievable amount that he will never live up to likely, but if the Detroit Free Press is reporting the truth that Suh came to the Lions and said “Make me the highest paid defensive player” and they tabled contract talks, that’s bad business.

Never the less, Mayhew and Lewand are officially on the hot seat until further notice.

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