Detroit Lions Game Ball Week 5: Theo Riddick


Things look desperate in Detroit after their fifth consecutive loss.  In Arizona’s 42-17 win, the Lions gave up six turnovers, benched their starting quarterback and running back. Things need to change.

Coaches and players roles will be reevaluated. Who should get more playing time? Who’s time should be limited or eliminated? What’s been going wrong? And maybe an even harder question, what’s be going right?

The “Game Ball” is given to the Detroit Lions most valuable player in this week’s game. Week 5 Game Ball goes to: Theo Riddick

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The play of Lions running back Theo Riddick is one of the few things that has been going right. He looks like Detroit’s most effective running back right now, yet he’s only carried the ball twice in five games.

So far this season he has 30 receptions, including a career high 10 receptions in yesterday’s game. His ability to get open in space is one thing consistently working for the Lions offense right now. He is putting himself in the right positions to succeed but until the coaching staff expands his responsibilities he will be limited in his production.

Right now Theo Riddick is a role player on offense and a solid special teams contributor. He has earned more involvement. The effort he showed on his touchdown yesterday, was one of only a few bright spots on the day.

Other Detroit Lions who were considered: Zach Zenner started the game but didn’t take on the every down role until after Ameer Abdullah‘s second fumble. Zenner’s ability to run straight forward and hit the holes hard is an attitude the entire running back group needs to embrace. Zenner only gained 30 yards on 10 carries but he didn’t turn the ball over and he showed solid toughness for a rookie runner.

Golden Tate didn’t have a great game but he’s one of only a few Lions players that appear to be trying to move this team in the right direction. He showed passion and fire in the game and was trying to rally the fans after it. Golden Tate is not hanging his head after another terrible loss. Golden Tate is holding his head high and asking other to stand with him.

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