Detroit Lions: Kenny Golladay looks to be number one reciever in 2020

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The Detroit Lions should expect Kenny Golladay to separate himself and become the undisputed number one wide receiver in the 2020 season.

While the Detroit Lions continue to follow through with training camp, wide receiver Kenny Golladay will hope to make the most of the 2020 National Football League (NFL) season. Golladay was the top receiver for the Lions in 2019, and he looks to capitalize on this in 2020.

The Lions continue with training camp, missing out on some running backs as recent draft choice D’Andre Swift finds himself on the sidelines, but the offense continues to get work done. As Matt Patricia recently suggested, practices have been high-tempo and working on simulating game-like atmospheres as there is no 2020 pre-season.

As the 2020 season inches closer, there are still plenty of question marks, but being optimistic that the Lions will be able to get going, Golladay looks to be the new number one target. In 2019, Golladay had an incredible season putting up some great numbers.

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Golladay led all of the NFL in touchdown receptions, hauling in eleven touchdowns during the 2019 season, which beat all NFL receivers.

The next closest was Los Angeles Rams Cooper Kupp with ten touchdown grabs, tied with Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews also grabbing 10 scores.

Overall, Golladay had 65 total receptions for 1190 yards, hauling in 11 touchdown catches for the Lions.

He had a season that was highly underappreciated across the NFL, especially given that he lead the league in touchdown receptions. Golladay’s performance may have gone underappreciated, but it is understood that he is the Lions top receiver, especially in a deep ball scenario.

Looking at his progression in numbers, if he were to continue improving his stats, he could go off for almost 1300 yards and haul in plenty of touchdown grabs. It would be ludicrous to assume Golladay is going to lead the league in touchdown grabs in 2020, but why not be optimistic?

With a healthy Matthew Stafford at the helm of this offense, hoping that Golladay will haul in 10-ish (give or take a few, being quite optimistic) touchdown receptions again in 2020 does not seem too insane.

He was a scoring threat and a deep ball threat for this offense that looks to add a running component it has not had in recent years. If Stafford and the offense are clicking on all cylinders, Golladay adds just another dynamic for the offense to utilize for success.

The hope for Golladay is that he will be able to continue to assume the number one wide receiver role for the Lions. After such an incredible 2019 season, Golladay is going to hope to capitalize and establish himself as the number one target during the 2020 season.

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While it should not be a tough task, Golladay looks to become Stafford’s most reliable target, or at least one of the most reliable for the Detroit Lions this upcoming season.