Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford should be a trade target for Cowboys

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The Detroit Lions should entertain the idea of trading Matthew Stafford to the Dallas Cowboys.

While trading Matthew Stafford may sound like a far-fetched concept for the organization, the Detroit Lions better be considering it if the Dallas Cowboys make a call over to the organization. The Dallas Cowboys are in murky waters right now, and Jerry Jones is likely to do something.

If Jones picks up the phone to call the Lions, Stafford better be on the table, and the Lions should consider anything brought to the table. Now, it’s nothing against Stafford as a teammate, athlete here in Detroit, or his presence in the community, which are all exceptional parts about him.

However, Jones likes to make flashy moves, and Stafford could be a part of a trade that is the flashy move Jones wants to make. As Detroit Jock City Co-Expert, Bob Heyrman recently wrote, there is a case to be made for trading Stafford. Jones and the Cowboys might just be the chance.

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Currently, the Cowboys are 2-4-0, somehow atop the horrifying NFC East division. After Dak Prescott was injured, the reins were handed over to Andy Dalton.

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater recently reported about how the Cowboys wanted to keep issues in-house, but they have since started to voice opinions of disapproval.

Comments have been leaking out, and the simple fact is, the on the field product has not been ideal, and it just seems more than likely that Jones could make a move of some sorts.

Given that the Cowboys are now riding on the likes of Dalton,  a trade for Stafford may not seem so ridiculous. Stafford would likely aid their offense greatly, hopefully keeping them on track while they sort out any issues in the locker room that continue to arise.

Stafford has been the face of the Lions franchise, but the Cowboys may be desperate to make a move to acquire a quarterback to who can help them win. While Stafford can continue on with the Lions as the face of the franchise.

The Cowboys have some major issues and definitely need to make some changes, even if some in-house moves. If Jones and the Cowboys call the Lions up about Stafford, the organization better at least listen.

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The Detroit Lions may not want to move the face of their franchise, and trading Matthew Stafford to the Dallas Cowboys is something to consider.