Detroit Lions: Would you cheer for Matthew Stafford in another uniform?

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After 12 years in a Detroit Lions jersey, Matthew Stafford might find himself in another team’s uniform for 2021.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love the Detroit Lions; as much as I respect current quarterback Matthew Stafford, it might be time for him to move on. If you’re reading this, odds are you are a fan of the Detroit Lions. However, are you also a fan of Stafford? Yes? No? Some fans are not. Some of them are.

My question: can you separate the two if you are a fan of both? It’s probably a tough question. Think about it, though.

If Stafford were to come out next year and take the Lions to the level of success we’ve all wished for, chances are even his doubters would be quickly convinced. It sounds great. I’d probably be able to die a happy man myself.

What if, though?

What if Matthew Stafford isn’t a member of the Detroit Lions next year? Will he be? Probably. It makes too much sense to have him around. Even with a new head coach, general manager, and the word “rebuild” bouncing off of the twitter walls — it makes all the sense in the world for Stafford to be in a Lions uniform. At least through 2021.

The Lions’ current NFL draft position in the first round is No. 7. It’s not the sexiest of draft positions for the top-tier quarterback talent projected to be taken in the first round. Guys like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Trey Lance are likely to be off the board when Detroit’s turn to pick comes around.

Granted, a few of those names may be there as well, but in my opinion, the further down we go  that list, the more I question the value. That’s another topic for another time, though.

The Lions will probably be lucky enough to have Stafford under center again in Honolulu blue, at least for one more season. In my opinion, anyway.

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What IF the Lions moved on from him? What IF he demanded that he be traded? What IF another team made an offer that Detroit couldn’t refuse?

Could you/would you root him on elsewhere? Whether you’re a fan or flat out respect and appreciate what he’s done for this city. For this team. Even as a human being.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — you do not have to like him, but you damn sure should respect the man.

There has never been another member of this organization who has put his body on the line more and put his well-being second more often than Stafford. He’s played through countless injuries, broken NFL records, all while being a model human-being off the field.

A tough, loyal, devoted family man. So, I ask you. If Stafford were to go to another team this offseason, whoever it may be, would you be a fan?

How long is the drive to Indianapolis?

I am a pretty big fan of former Indianapolis Colts punter turned podcaster/radio host Pat McAfee. Not only is he funny and insightful, but he also gives his takes on pretty much anything without holding back.

Granted, this particular take isn’t necessarily “hot,” but it got me thinking about life after Stafford in Detroit.

As a  result, I couldn’t help but think — Matthew Stafford in Indy.

I had the back and forth in my head too. Maybe the Lions put the right coaching staff together? Maybe they hire a general manager who brings in the pieces needed to win on both sides of the ball? Maybe, this is the year?


Odds are, however, things do not become a flash in the pan overnight.

Stafford will be 33-years-old when the 2021 NFL season starts, and Detroit has a ton of work to do to even THINK about contending for the NFC North. Stafford will also likely victim to father time, sooner rather than later.

Is he in his prime? Probably not. But he’s still better than most signal-callers in the league, even if he never has and never will get the credit he deserves.

With that, I have to say; I could separate the two. I want to see Stafford succeed. The guy deserves it, and I respect him too much to selfishly tether his only future success to the team I grew up rooting for.

I want them to succeed together, obviously.

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But, as a man, I want to see Stafford get the recognition and accolades he deserves. Is Indy the answer? Hell if I know. I know the answer to my previous question, though. The drive from Detroit, Michigan to Indianapolis, Indiana, is four hours and 28 minutes.

I also know it would not take Detroit on a road game for me to hit my first ever “away game” if No. 9 were on the field in blue and white.

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